Wireless Dangers

The biggest experiment in history

The use of current wireless technology (mobile phones, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, Smart Meters etc.) can be seen as the biggest field experiment on the human body and animals in history. The industry makes billions but at the cost of the health of its customers. The number of electro-hypersensitive people is increasing more and more. Even people that don’t have any symptoms will sooner or later have to pay the price (tumors and other health issues). Despite the solid scientific evidence, wireless technology is spreading at an higher and higher rate (“Smart” Meters, “Smart” homes).

EMF dangers – Typical wrong arguments

  • There are currently no studies that prove negative affects of cell phone / Wi-Fi / Cordless phone radiation.
  • All radiation is within the safety limits. There can’t be any risks below the current safety limits.
  • The government wouldn’t allow such a dangerous technology.
  • People that claim to suffer from electro-hypersensitivity only imagine their symptoms (hypochondriacs).
  • They suffer from a Nocebo, which means that their symptoms a showing, because they already expect the negative results (for example when they see a cell phone tower).
  • I myself don’t feel any affects, therefore it is impossible that the radiation is harmful.
  • Radio broadcasting already exists for decades and nobody complained (this argument proves that somebody doesn’t know about about the different frequency ranges used in different devices).

Effects of radiation depend on the frequency

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) have different effects on the human body depending on the frequency.
Low frequency fields like in house electricity have a frequency of 50/60Hz. Radio broadcasting uses frequencies from about 30 kHz to 300 MHz.

Cell phones however produce high-frequency electromagnetic fields in the range of 800 MHz – 2.6 GHz, Wi-Fi 2.4-5.9 GHz, DECT cordless phones 1.9 GHz.
This radiation partly reflects from the body, but is also absorbed. Because this radiation is able to produce heat it is also used in microwave ovens (2.4 GHz). The currencly saftey limits for cell phones only take the heating (thermal)-effects into account – see below for more information.

Radiation with frequencies above microwave-radiation like light (384-789THz) and lower ultraviolet radiation is absorbed directly by the skin. This is why the skin without UV-protection can get damaged after too long exposure (sunburn).

Radiation with even higher frequencies like X-ray, gamma-rays for example is called ionizing radiation. It carries enough energy to free electrons from atoms or molecules, which is also called “ionizing”.

1000 Hertz = 1 kHz (Kilohertz)
1000 kHz = 1 MHz (Megahertz)
1000 MHz = 1 GHz (Gigahertz)
1000 GHz = 1 THz (Terahertz)

(Source: Genuis SJ, Lipp CT, Electromagnetic hypersensitivity: Fact or fiction? Sci Total Environ (2011), doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2011.11.008)

Effects on every human being

People with EHS are like an early warning system, but everyone is affected, no matter if they suffer from the EHS symptoms or not. More severe health effects like brain cancer (through DNA damage) can be the consequence if the problem is ignored. The bio initiative report that analyzed about 1800 studies concludes that there are effects way below the current safety limits. There are more studies listed under Studies.

Electrohypersensitivity (EHS)

More and more people are reporting of EHS symptoms when exposed to radiation coming from cell phone, cell phone towers, Smart Meters, Wi-Fi and similar wireless technologies. Read more here.

Effects on animals

Lennart Hardell has done studies that clearly show effects on animals (tumors of the lungs and livers).

Since 2007 there has been a great decline in honey bees around the world (colony collapse disorder). Among other environmental factors like mono culture and pesticides it has been shown that bees seem to be affected by high-frequency radiation. At one experiment in Germany in one of the hives was placed a DECT cordless phone and only 30% of the bees in that hive did come back (German video).


A case in Switzerland (which was confirmed by the university Zurich) showed that there was a direct link between a new cell tower and calfs that were born blind or with other health problems. The cows also started to behave abnormally. Many other farmers that had new cell towers close their farm reported the same problems (pdf, German).

Exposure limits

The core problem is that the currently defined limits only take the temperature increase into account that occurs the the human brain while using the cell phone (s. SAR value). The symptoms experienced by people with EHS on the other hand are not temperature related. Non-thermal effects are not taken into consideration by ICNIRP, the private association in Germany that defines the limits. Since ICNIRP consists of members that formerly worked for mobile phone industry and besides that only the current members decide who is let in as a new member, it currently seems unlikely that the ICNIRP lowers the exposure limits.

We are headed for a major public health disaster

This major public health disaster will unfold more and more in coming years as money seems more important to governments and the mobile phone companies than the health of the citizens. More and more people will be affected as the number of cell phone antennas, Smart Meter and Wi-Fi installation increases.

  • Authorities have to acknowledge that there are real problems with the current wireless technology and that EHS is a real illness/impairment like it is the case in Sweden.
  • Doctors have to be trained on EHS in order to give the right diagnosis.
  • Forced exposure through smart meters, Wi-Fi at schools and public places has to be stopped
  • Safety limits have to be fundamentally reevaluated, so that they take the current studies into account that prove non-thermal biological effects.
  • Research for safe wireless technology is necessary.
  • Until then, refuge areas (white zones) with no or low radiation need to be established.

France took a first step in 2015 and among other things now prohibits Wi-Fi in daycare centers by law – more details.

How could this happen?

  • Cell phones and their contracts are billion a dollar industry (1200 billion USD worldwide in 2015). There were 7 billion cell phone contracts in 2015.
  • Cell phone users often don’t actually want to hear about negative effects of cell phone use, because the device has become such an integral part of their daily lives.
  • Politicians are basing their decisions and arguments on the claim that the radiation is within the saftey-limits. This itself isn’t wrong, the problem however is that the safety-limits aren’t really safe, because they only take into account the increase in tissue-temperature (SAR).
  • Independent research is often difficult nowadays because of financial pressure.
  • Electro-hypersensitive people are ignored, because they are only a minority.
  • Electro-hypersensitive people are not really taken serious by the media. In nearly every article about people suffering from EHS you can find somewhere the false statement that there are currently no studies that prove EHS is real.
  • It often takes decades until cancer starts to develop. Like with asbestos the rude awakening will come sooner or later.