What is EHS?

EHS – Electromagnetic-Hypersensitivity

EHS is like an allergy to wireless technology, mainly to frequencies in the range used by cell phones, Wi-Fi and cordless phones. Another name is “microwave syndrom”. According to the mobile phone industry and others this “illness” cannot exist, because if it does, that would mean that there are harmful health effects on the human body caused by non-ionizing radiation.

Current studies confirm that the reported symptoms by electrohypersensitive people are real and they prove that there are non-thermal effects well below the current saftey limits. The mobile phone industry does everything it can to deny the stories like those listed on this website. Some of the important studies can be found here and websites with more comprehensive information on this topic are listed under Links.

Current surveys show that at least 1.5% of the population suffers from EHS symptoms in various degrees. If we use the lowest value – 1.5% – that would for example mean about 11 million people in Europe, or about 3 million people in the US.

  • Switzerland 2015 survey: 5% – about 830000 people
  • Sweden survey 1.5% – about 140000 people
  • Taiwan survey 13.3% – about 3 million people

Common Symptoms

Not all people with EHS have the same level of sensitivity and exactly the same set of symptoms. Since not everybody has EHS it is difficult for most people to believe that those issues really exists. Doctors often give misdiagnoses, because they aren’t trained on this matter. For example recommending sleeping pills.

Typical symptoms are…

  • Difficulty to concentrate, remember and learn
  • Dizziness
  • Headache / Head pressure
  • Fatigue/tiredness
  • Insomnia (Problems falling asleep and waking up many times)
  • Cardiac palpitations / Unsteady heartbeat
  • Other symtoms: Blood pressure problems, vision problems, Tinnitus

Those symptoms go away soon after the exposure to the radiation has stopped (minutes to hours).

What triggers the symptoms?

  • Cell phones / cell towers / Smart Meters (use cell phone technology)
  • WiFi (in Computers / TVs / Tables / Game consoles / …)
  • Bluetooth
  • DECT (cordless) phones
  • Digital baby monitors (use DECT technology)

Why isn’t everybody affected?

It is still unclear how EHS is triggered initially. However it seems to be the case that EHS isn’t something that you are born with. It rather seems to develop if the level of radiation that a certain person can tolerate is exceeded. After the initial “allergic” reaction the level that this person can tolerate is much lower than before. A typical example of this is the story of Brian Stein, who used his cell phone extensively for a long time and in short period of time he noticed strong head aches whenever putting his phone near his head.

Is it only psychosomatic?

Are the symptoms people are experiencing only psychosomatic, meaning that it is all imagined and caused by the person itself and not coming from outside influences? It has been proven in double-blind studies that there are non-termal effects below the current saftey-limits. In the following double-blind study for example the heart rate changed when the person was exposed to DECT (cordless phone) radiation: