About me

I’m from Germany and about 40 years old. I noticed several years ago that I suffer from EHS, too, when I moved to a new apartment and I suddenly couldn’t sleep well anymore. The neighbors use cordless phones and Wi-Fi which I could measure after I bought a HF (high frequency) analyzer. On the internet I found many similar reports.

I was fascinated by wireless technology in the past. Currently I don’t use a cell phone, WiFi or cordless phone, because I experience typical symptoms so many are reporting, when I use them.

In my current apartment I can only sleep well, after buying a shielding bed canopy. I’m planning to move somewhere else, because the radiation around is increasing more and more. I never would have imagined that something like this is possible in a country that is (at least technologically) as highly developed as Germany.

I have taken the effort to check each piece of information on this website and also have provided the source. If you find anything incorrect or unclear please let me know using the contact form.

Update 2017-04: In the meantime I have moved to a new apartment in a small village where there are no cell phone masts inside the village (next masts are in a distance of about 1-2km). This is just a temporary solution – I’m still looking for a place, where provides room also other EHS.

Update 2017-07: I more and more see EHS as just one of many signs that our modern societies are getting increasingly incompatible with our human bodies. Also MCS (chemical sensitivity) is one of those signs I think. I’m working on a separate area that addresses all the different “dead-ends” we are currently living with and some solutions, especially for EHS/MCS.