I created this website to help other people with EHS and also to inform about the dangers of current wireless technology (Wi-Fi, DECT cordless phone, cell phone and others).

You suffer from EHS symptoms like dizziness, head aches / pressure, insomnia?
There are more and more reports about people affected by electromagnetic radiation coming from cell phones/cell towers, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, smart meters and similar wireless technologies. Many people don’t even know that their symptoms are caused bei EMF, for example after a smart meter got installed in their home. More details can be found under What is EHS?
You can also find a collection of typical stories by people around the globe with very different backgrounds that share the same set of symptoms. One of those stories is this one about Veronica Ciandre: Veronica Ciandre – “6 Feet Under Cell Phone Towers”

You still doubt that there are adverse health effects caused by cell phones, Wi-Fi etc.?
Then please read about the dangers of EMF radiation.

You have EHS and you are searching for help / or a place to live with little radiation?
Currently electro-hypersenitive people have very a hard time finding places to live. Governments have to acknowledge electro-hypersensitivity as a real health impairment (like in Sweden as “functional impairment”) and to establish white zones, where people with EHS can retreat. Since that probably won’t happen in the next years I have the vision of creating a refuge place for EHS and other people.

Feel free to contact me using the contact form, if you suffer from EHS yourself, or found a website with a EHS story, or found a refuge area, or if you have any other comment or suggestion.