A refuge for EHS/MCS

This website is about finding refuge places for people that suffer from the ever increasing eletromagnetic radiation (electrosmog) in the modern societies and to inform about the dangers of current wireless technology (cell phones, wifi, …).

So far the myth of safe wireless technology has been kept alive successfully by the the industry that is interlinked with scientists, politics, and media (more details are available on the linked resources). Since it doesn’t seem like the situation for electro-hypersensitive people (EHS) will significantly improve over the next view years I am personally also looking for a place with low radiation that could serve as a refuge also for others.

If you are interested, or if you know about existing projects or plans, or you have a similar vision please contact me! 

There are millions of people suffering from EMFs wordwide. It needs some pioneers that connect with each other and go forward.

The idea

  • The idea is to buy a property that is large and located remotely enough so that there will be no cell tower also in the future.
  • It would primarily be a place for EHS, MCS sufferers (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), but also for everyone else that wants to retreat to a quite place in nature and take a break from everyday life.
  • Self-sufficient living if possible (permaculture concepts like food forests)
  • To support  and help one another, but community is not forced.


  • Secluded location surrounded by nature. Not near other buildings or near streets because of Wi-Fi / DECT / cell phone usage.
  • Large property, so that there are no cell towers nearby (For example a farm/homestead surrounded by forest/fields). Low mountain ranges can also function as a natural “shielding” so that the property doesn’t have to be as large as if it were more or less plain.
  • Telephone access (and with that internet access normally is also available).
  • Maybe a camping site is also a possibility, if the bordering space is not used for houses (because of Wi-Fi, DECT etc) and there won’t be a cell phone mast build there. An example would be a forest that is next to the site.
  • Grow own food should be possible.

Ideas for offerings

  • Places for rent if there are enough apartments
  • A site for trailers / RVs
  • A place of quiteness, meditiation, contemplation
  • Some sort of “digital detox” for the ones still addicted to cell phones (similar to http://digitaldetox.org/)
  • […]


  • All around the world. For me personally: At the moment preferably somewhere in Germany, but I’m open to move to another country.

Please also feel free to contact me also if you suffer from EHS yourself, or if you have any other comment or suggestion.

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