Vision – A refuge for EHS/MCS

Since it doesn’t seem like the situation for electro-hypersensitive people (EHS) will significantly improve over the next view years I am looking for a place with low radiation that could serve as a refuge also others.

  • The idea is to buy a property that is large and remote enough so that there will also be no cell tower in the future.
  • It would be a place for EHS, MCS sufferers (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), and everyone else that wants to retreat to a quite place in nature and take a break from everyday life.


  • Secluded location surrounded by nature.
  • Large property, so that there are no cell towers nearby.
  • Telephone access (and therefore internet access).
  • Maybe a camping site is also a possibility, if the bordering space is not used for houses (because of Wi-Fi, DECT etc) and there won’t be a cell phone mast build there. An example would be a forest that is next to the site.
  • If possible, growing own food (Permaculture, …)

Ideas for offerings

  • Places for rent if there are enough apartments
  • A place of quiteness, meditiation, contemplation
  • Some sort of “digital detox” (
  • […]

Where? All around the world. For me personally: At the moment preferably somewhere in Germany, but I’m open move to another country.

If you are interested or you have a similar vision please contact me! 

Please also feel free to contact me if you suffer from EHS yourself, or found a website with a EHS story, or found a refuge area, or if you have any other comment or suggestion.

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