Quiet Zones – Refuge areas for EHS

Currently electro-hypersensitive people have very a hard time finding places where they can live normal lives. Below you find a list of places and areas that I found and that got suggested using the form at the bottom.

There are already other sites with a collection of places for EHS:

Below you find a selection of places that are publicly known or are planned:

in preparation | active | only for short stays (e.g. for vacation)


West Virginia – Green Bank Status: active

See en.wikipedia.org article;
That’s where part the TIME Magazine documentary on EHS called Search For a Golden Cage was recorded.http://quietzones.org “The Official Quiet Zone Website for EHS Awareness & Advocacy in Green Bank, West Virginia”

Snowflake, Arizona

Snowflake, Arizona

Status: active

Creative Housing Solutions To Support MCS/EHS Populations

“[…]  Snowflake, Arizona, is a community that serves as a refuge for chemically sensitive individuals, where each house is constructed without plastics, glues or chemicals. Although many residents still suffer from a variety of disabilities and impairments that drove them there in the first place, Snowflake has become their refuge in the desert. […]



Prairie Infusions – Love, Saskatchewan

Status: active

“We offer a White Zone, an electrosmog-free zone for the Electrohypersensitive (EHS), an open space of awareness, consciousness, awakeness, and being, in our 65-ha Forest Garden. Stay as long as you wish. In our Forest Garden, the high-frequency microwave radiation measures <0.1 microW/m2, magnetic field is <10 nT, and electric field is <2 V/m. Find relief and recover from your EHS symptoms. Find peace and tranquility. Email me or write a letter.”


Forest Hill Retreat – Nova Scotia


Status: in preparation

“[…] When we purchased that land in Forest Hill, Nova Scotia we wanted to keep the 150 acres to ourselves. But somehow this doesn’t feel right. That’s why we have decided to share this precious piece of nature with a few other people who feel the same way we do, who appreciate the pure nature, and who are willing and ready to take care of it. […]
Everyone who wants to be part of our retreat can rent a piece of land and put their own mobile home, trailer, tent, camper or whatever you need or want on the land. Each lot has access to water, power, the sewer and a road. The lots are spacious and allow the future inhabitants to choose the style of their future home and to create a nice yard according to their desires.Currently we want to limit the numbers of buildings to 25 and see how things will work out.  After all we don’t want a village but simply a community of nature-loving and like-minded people.[…]”http://www.lifeinforesthill.com/en/


Drôme (Southern France) Status: Not open to visitors and new EHS anymore

“The EHS Refuge Zone is an extensive private property in an unspoilt rural area. It has been made available by the organisation without charge as a humanitarian gesture for EHS sufferers in crisis for their rest and refreshment. All the facilities are entirely free.
It is not a White Zone, but a zone with very low radiation untouched by any transmitter beam or EMF. The configuration of the land and the features installed block almost all radiation, but a variable trace level persists. The very low background radiation levels vary from less than 0.01 μW/m² in the insulated caravans to 0.01/0.02 μW/m² in the protected area outdoors. […]”http://www.next-up.org/Newsoftheworld/EHS_Refuge_Zone.php


Durbon, Saint-Julien-en-Beauchêne
Status: in planning

Philippe Tribaudeau (“Une terre pour les EHS”) wants to establish a refuge area for people electro-hypersensitivity.

Perpignan – Near the Pyrenees  (in planning)
Status: unknown

Anne Laure Mager wants to establish a place for peple with EHS near the Pyrenees.

German article: http://www.hna.de/welt/hier-finden-strahlen-empfindliche-eine-zuflucht-zr-6142866.html


Status: increased radiation level

“[…] This project, unique in Italy and among the first in Europe, was started thanks to a private initiative, but the authorities of the Parc of Emilia Romagna in the urban district of Brisighella have made a major contribution to its creation and to publicising its existence. They plan a further extension in the future of the boundaries of this zone with low electromagnetic radiation. Open since May 2010, everything in the Zone is free, including a Bed & Breakfast called “The Wolf’s Hideaway” (Eremo del Lupo), the first in Italy for the EHS. […] This electrosmog-free B&B is 2.5km from the station of Brisighella (Faenza-Florence line, not electrified) and is in the middle of an unspoilt landscape, just next to the Refuge Zone.
This Refuge Zone has been carefully assessed for levels of artificial electromagnetic radiation. The levels measured in the marked low-radiation White Zone are below the levels required by the environmental action groups protesting against electrosmog, and the recommendations of independent scientists and of the European Community, that is to say below the levels readable by many radiation meters: HF ≤ 0.19 V/m or ≤ 100 µW/m², and LF 0.01 μTesla.  […]The measured radiation levels are probably not detailed enough for most EHS. So this should be checked first if there is interest. Maybe the necessary measuring equipment wasn’t available.http://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/EHS-Refuge-in-Italy.pdf

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