Stories of people that suffer from EHS

EHS cases

Below you find a collection of typical stories of people with very different backgrounds that share the same set of symptoms. The commonly reported symtoms and more background informationen can be found under What is EHS?

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  • Jolie Jones
    “My name is Jolie Jones, daughter of legendary Quincy Jones, and I have personally experienced Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. […]” –
  • Dafna Tachover, Jennifer Wood, Andrew McAfee, Candy
    in the TIME Magazine Movie on EHS – Search For a Golden Cage
  • Jeromy Johnson – Read his story on his website “I have a master’s degree in engineering and had a successful career in Silicon Valley before I began to experience negative health effects from wireless technology and electrical pollution.”
  • TED Talk “Wireless wake-up call”
  • Veronica Ciandre – My Life Living 6 Feet Under Cell Phone Towers
    My Life 6 Feet Under Cell Towers My_Life_6_Feet_Under_Cell_Towers_2
  • People affected by Smart meters (which use cell phone technology)
  • Reports by students after their school installed Wi-Fi – read many more cases of students and teachers on
    Youtube video with student interviews
  • Heidi Collins – Story on “At age 65, Heidi Collins has slept in her car nearly every night for the past twelve years. This is the only way she has found to escape the excruciating pain and inflammation caused by wireless transmissions from cell towers and from the wireless devices of her neighbours. …”
  • Jeske Family – Langford, BC – Story on
  • Jordan Weiss – East Sooke, BC – Story on
  • Laurie Corbeil – Nanaimo, BC – Story on
  • Article Family takes refuge from Wi-Fi (Samantha Boutet’s daughter affected by Wi-Fi at her school)

South America

  • Dr. Carlos Sosa, M.D. (physician and surgeon) “[…] In May/06 I started feeling a terrible sense of unwellness: headaches, dizziness, insomnia, nausea, irritability, amnesia or forgetfulness and lack of attention or concentration capacity. I couldn’t bear being close to my house or to any other microwave mast, be it cell phone or WiFi antennas. I had to leave my house together with my whole family just to find out that the city was flooded by some 4000 masts that wouldn’t ‘t leave a single irradiated spot for us to live in. […]” – Read full story on




  • Henrik Eiriksson – Researcher and activist – Story on youtube
  • Brian Stein – Ex-Group Chief Executive at Samworth brothers Ltd – Lecture including his story on vimeo, part 2
  • Andrew – GP (general practitioner) – vimeo
  • Phil – Programmer / Video Editor – vimeo
  • Clint – Video Production Teacher – vimeo
  • Michael – Teacher – vimeo
  • Marie Hood – worked in the National Health Service (NHS) before taking early retirement – vimeo
  • Pat – Pat is an ex-dental nurse and practice manager – vimeo
  • Andrew was a children’s author and teacher before he had to stop working due to his electrosensitivity – vimeo
  • Mary Coales of London suffers from EHS, which forces her to avoid theaters, restaurants, airports, or parks at all costs – Read article
  • (2015) Schoolgirl, 15, found hanged after ‘developing an allergic reaction to the WiFi at her school’ – Read article
  • Rachel Hinks – A therapist who was forced to give up her job – article on








(and many many more…)